About Us

 Founded in 2007, Mil Mujeres provides direct legal services in the area of immigration law to low-income Spanish-speaking survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The primary focus of Mil Mujeres’ mission is to assist survivors of domestic violence in the Latino community.  According to a recent survey of Latina women, 62% reported being victims of physical or emotional abuse, and 83% of those women who were abused did not contact law enforcement about the abuse. This high rate of under-reporting can be attributed to many barriers including:


Language barriers


Physical isolation


Lack of support network (friends and family)


Unaware of legal rights and protections


Fear of stigma


Fear of law enforcement and immigration


Abuser may be only provider of economic support


In 2012 we provided assistance to 666 individuals with legal matters, and provided legal information to 15,783 individuals. As of June, 2013, we have provided assistance to 1029 individuals with legal matters, and provided legal information to 19,165 individuals. As an organization, we have won 81 U-visas and lost 0.


Services we provide


We assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with the following immigration applications:

In 2011, we provided assistance to over 245 individuals with legal matters.


[i] Leslye E. Orloff & Nomi Dave, Identifying Barriers: Survey of Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence in the DC Metropolitan Area, 6 POVERTY & RACE 9-10 (Jul/Aug 1997)






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