Mexican, born into an indigenous tribe located in the mountainous area of ​​Guerrero state where Mixteco Bajo is the main language instead of Spanish and education is very vague. Since Roberta's family was consumed in poverty, she went after the American dream by travelling to the U.S. Roberta would have never imagined that crossing the border would be the worst nightmare she would ever have to face.  Once she arrived, her sister's husband, who had been living in the United States for many years, raped her repeatedly. Unaware of her own body and of what was happening to her, Roberta became pregnant. One day, while working her usual 12-hour shift at a tomato factory, she felt a pain that was like nothing she had felt before. In the bathroom, thinking she might have some a stomach flue, Roberta gave birth to a baby. Due to her confusion of not comprehending what was happening, the baby was later found dead in a trash can. Authorities charged her with murder and sentenced her to five years in prison where she learned to speak Spanish. Thanks to the Consulate of Mexico in Washington D.C, the case reached Mil Mujeres and after a seemingly impossible fight to win, Roberta got her U-Visa, which in turn voided her deportation and protected her from the death threats made by her abuser.