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A Wonderful Story From Our Very First Client

She is a very special client. She was not only Mil Mujeres's first client, but she was the inspiration behind the MM project.

about 17 years ago, She was forced to leave her country. Upon arrival to the United States, she applied for asylum based on gender violence. The case was taken by a group of law students that later will become the founders of Mil Mujeres. Unfortunately, her case was denied and she was forced to return to her country. After one year, she returned to the U.S., following who she thought was the love of her life and future husband. During that relationship she suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Based on that horrible story of abuse and violence, she filed a VAWA self-petition that was later approved. After struggling with the trauma of violence, she found love. Her current husband was very supporting and loving and with him, she was able to heal the wounds of the past. Her husband was a great hard working man and a wonderful father. But, he was undocumented and lived in constant fear of being separated from his wife and little daughter. Mil Mujeres was able to help with his process too. It wasn't easy! The case had a lot of complications and under the new administration, things were getting tougher.

Her husband had to leave the county to go through a consular process, which was very stressful because if the visa was denied, he could not come back to the United States. Finally, after a long wait, a few months ago his case was approved and upon his entry to the U.S., he gained legal status.

Now, their little daughter will have the opportunity to grow with two loving and caring parents in the country she was born. Her parents will now have the opportunity to continue building their lives together without borders or limitations, in a country which they consider their home.

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