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International Women's Day

Less than one century ago women were not allowed to vote in the United States; only 60 years ago women didn't have that right in Colombia. Up until 1979, in the United States, most state criminal codes had rape definitions that explicitly excluded spouses; only in 1996, marital rape was criminalized in Colombia.

These are just a few facts that remind us of the history of all the women before us, our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who would never imagine living in a world where their voice would be heard through democracy or where they could choose whether or not to engage in sex with their partners, let along choosing when and how. To all those women before us, and to all of those who are living history in the fight for the right to make decisions over their bodies, get equal pay and opportunities in positions of leadership, or not having to choose between their dreamed family or a successful career. To all of those who have the courage to empower others by saying #metoo, to those who fought to make it possible, to YOU and me... Thanks!

Today we celebrate and honor our history, our accomplishments, but most importantly our current fight to make this world a place where we all have equal rights.

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