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Immigrants Deserve to Feel Safe

When Undocumented Immigrants Don't Report Crimes, We All Suffer!

Unfortunately, under the current administration, the level of fear and anxiety among undocumented people has only gotten worse. That's why we work every day to encourage our community to speak up and report any criminal activity that will put our families at risk.

Many years ago, Alma and her brother were shot at point-blank range at a convenience store. Fortunately, both of them survived.

Thanks to her report and cooperation with local authorities an investigation was opened and eventually all perpetrators were convicted.

Alma learned about Mil Mujeres through our community outreach program, and with our help, in early 2018 she was granted a U-visa based on the crime she survived.

She now feels confident to apply for better jobs and make long-term plans. Alma advises all immigrants who have been victims of violent crimes in the U.S. to report and fight for their rights with help from organizations like Mil Mujeres.

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